Photos. Content Vectors. Newest. Minimum Photoshop Version: CS3. These types of text effects are inspired by the 80s. 80s Font. August 26, 2020 . Clothing Brand Logo Maker with Gradient Text. Simple Line Icons Pro - 1660x4 Pixel Perfect Icons. — CALL ON MONDAY (@PREMIUMPONCHO) October 5, 2016, — yehoak on jan. 28th (@yehoak) October 5, 2016, “Max you have this whole hour to invest in improve your job skills” The font is the one shown in the preview images and can not be changed. There is no need to spend a lot of time designing logos or the main titles until you get a good result. 3, Retro Futuristic 3D Text and Logo Effect Vol.2, Synthwave Retro Text and Logo Effect Vol.2. In fact, it may have died before it ever got big. On Twitter today, it’s all laser grids, stars, shiny purple, and chrome. Size: 19.4 Mb. Create enticing ads and social posts with unlimited design templates. But if it proved anything else, it’s that text generators as a form of expression are alive and well, and their meme possibilities are far from exhausted. Join now. Start using Placeit now and create a unique visual identity for your brand in a matter of minutes. Recreate this iconic effect in Photoshop for your next project by using this file. Texts in retro style can take you or your audience to the good old memories. The background color and grid colors can also be customised or the grid can be turned off completely if desired. Retro style fonts are outdated or aged style fonts that imply a vintage of at least 15 or 20 years. In the Hyperpix website, you can find different items of both categories. Check out the T-Shirt Ideas Calendar, Create Killer Facebook Video Ads for Your T-Shirt Designs, A Complete Guide to Selling T-Shirts on Merch by Amazon, How to Make Great Facebook T-shirt Ads and Boost Sales. We used our awesome “80’s Photoshop Text Effects” to display better some of the fonts listed above! The MockoFun creative text works ONLY inside the MockoFun tool. Retro Fonts - Retro Font Generator. You can modify the Size, the Line height, the Letter spacing, the Height jitter, the Angle jitter, Size jitter, Hue jitter and the Color of the 80s font. And if you get bored of this one, the same website is a deep, timesucking rathole of stylized text designs. Download your clothing brand logo as a PDF for high resolution resizing and edits. Our website uses images, trademarks and names of third party products which are the property of their respective owners. Also for some finishing touches we have included lens flare graphics in Smart Objects which can be manually placed on the brightest parts of the text for specular highlights, and an optional vintage texture overlay which can be turned on or off. 80's-Styled Logo Template Featuring a Metal Chrome Text Effect . If you are a professional and experienced designer, you just need to have a quick look at these text effects to find out how great they are!

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