I'm also with you on the Byrds being where they are. As Bill Simmons said in his original article though, this is subjective. I wrote once before that debating whether a band meets a certain threshold (as with the R&RHF) is an interesting exercise, but trying to rank bands after the obvious choices is somewhat pointless. From 2016: To compare: Posted by Shrek on Friday, 01.4.19 @ 18:59pm. I still listen to modern rock/indie radio at times, but for the most part, I start losing sustained interest around 1998 or '9. But Neil aside, I like your other changes. It's a long, exhaustive, season by season list. Fuck I knew this would eventually get discussed but as a fan of OKC, these next couple parts might be a tough listen. The Hobbit "More Love" – Kim Carnes, Paul Young, Barbara McNair, Mica Paris, The 5th Dimension, Rick Webb, Foster Sylvers. I would also move Buddy Holly And The Crickets up to the top. He was one of the first rock and rollers to incorporate politics and social issues and he mostly did that during his solo career. Oh, I missed that Zep was at 5. "Point It Out"' – The Supremes and The Temptations. De Bravo, Little Willie G., Oran "Juice" Jones. 10.. Hank Ballard & the Midnighters Posted by John R.C. Isaac Hayes Posted by M. Scott on Friday, 09.23.16 @ 02:41am. Posted by Enigmaticus on Saturday, 11.2.13 @ 11:04am. Adams worked out pretty well though, but damn. Posted by Donovan on Tuesday, 10.21.14 @ 23:03pm, move to 4: 2Pac - 2 "Looks like this has been updated. Except perhaps Bon Jovi, which I would put in the sub-basement if it were within my power to do so. Posted by Sam on Saturday, 11.17.12 @ 13:43pm. Queen If you needed ballhandling, he could do it. Loudest other then metal: THe Rolling Stones, The Kinks, The Who, The Stooges, Public Enemy, Dave Clark Five. They are certainly not on the level of Bowie, Springsteen, Aretha, or Nirvana, even Michael. My mistake, I met question 9 and "most nicest", not 7 and "most mean". If you consider what the Velvet Underground did to not be metal, then the Velvets. The weighting of different stats (rebounds, points, assists, steals) is hard to normalize. Level 2: Elton John, the Kinks, Velvet Underground should be moved down. Thank you. This website really needs to update the rock hall pyramid. I know, they did it with the strength of ONE album. 12. "More, More, More of Your Love" – Bob Brady & the Con Chords Yeah, the Pyramid's bias toward 60s musicians is palpable. In the 97-98 Season, Jordan won his 5th NBA MVP, the Bulls defeated the Utah Jazz for Jordan's 6th title and he also won his 6th Finals MVP award. And you can make real arguments for Elton being more significant overall than Smokey. Either the music stands up or it doesn't. But I guess I can take this list after all ;), Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Wednesday, 04.4.12 @ 16:27pm, Also, there are some level 4 acts you could easily make a case for to belong in the level 5 group (and 2 or 3 level 4's who should be in the level 3 pile), Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Wednesday, 04.4.12 @ 16:31pm. Tupac - 3 "You're So Fine and Sweet" - The Undertakers. There are only five levels. "How many of YOUR favorites can boast of a list that LONG ???" All rights reserved. Biggest botch Posted by Gassman on Thursday, 10.31.13 @ 11:28am That's according to NBA analyst Bill Simmons, who said Jordan wasn't interested in making "The Last Dance" until James entered the frame as a threat to his status as the "GOAT.". DEFINITELY !! That made for a conveniently proportionate pyramid: 12 acts in Level 5, 24 in Level 4, 36 in Level 3, 48 in Level 4 and 60 in Level 5. My occasional communication efforts within this forum is generally framed around acknowledging my own biases and attempting to subvert them for more rationale dialog. Respect: … 12. The Stooges Now that the lower tiers are no longer multiples is 12, is anyone ever going to move up from 4 to 5? I like them for what they were, and not the over-hyped myth. Nirvana was the #1 band in rock, roughly for the same period of time as Guns. Posted by Bill G on Wednesday, 05.8.19 @ 06:56am. Both bands have always struck me as being out of place as 1st-year inductees, and it could be a case of their influence or perceived importance decreasing over time, even their induction. 18.Whitney Houston As far as the 2013 inductees are concerned and their tier placement is concerned: 20.The Monkees Michael Jackson the doobie brothers - 1 Either the music stands up or it doesn't." Dylan, Buddy Holly, Led Zep, Hendrix 2) THE TEMPTATIONS at # 67 NOW....THOSE ARE THE ACTUAL RANKINGS...and you SEE just WHO ROLLING STONE Ranks as the TOP MOTOWN GROUP. James Brown & The Famous Flames And it would be hard to fit both of them in level 5. Is there anyone not in the Hall who could be a 4? (Win Shares calculate how many wins a player has been responsible for over his career. 9. Blondie YOU'D BETTER BELIEVE IT !! "If You Can Want" – The Dirtbombs, Barbara McNair, Chazz Dixon. It was this special grouping of artists, producers, musicians, and writers...at THAT particular time and place... the right people,at the right time, under that one man, Berry Gordy Jr,that made Motown happen. Posted by Follower on Sunday, 01.20.19 @ 15:23pm, Well, it's no longer multiples of twelve and hasn't been since the first year. KING, Posted by KING on Monday, 06.29.15 @ 01:24am. "I Second That Emotion" – Japan, Michael McDonald, Kiki Dee, The Manhattan Transfer, Jerry Garcia, Diana Ross & the Supremes with the Temptations, 10db, Tammy Wynette, José Feliciano, Emilie, Stuck In The Middle, Thelma Jones. Nina Simone 13. We made it easy for you to exercise your right to vote. Posted by Bill G. on Monday, 05.7.12 @ 23:23pm, Posted by susan2 on Thursday, 05.10.12 @ 08:04am. Also you hate Gaga? Posted by FRL on Wednesday, 04.4.12 @ 06:47am. "That's What Love Is Made Of" – Michael Jackson, Bobby Vee, Choker Campbell, The Magicians. "Love Machine" – Wham!, Thelma Houston Dwyane Wade. I don't where to post this ever since that "Current Hall of Famers" doesn't have a comments, so I have to post it here or in the "The Immortals" page. Posted by astrodog on Thursday, 10.31.13 @ 03:26am. Was it based on their brilliant songs? 4. You know what, I think I try to revise Simmons' level description for Rock and Roll. Bobby Womack Posted by Mike on Tuesday, 11.29.16 @ 05:08am, Pearl Jam - level 3 Having said that, I wouldn't consider the incorporation of social issues into lyrics a sign of music evolving. When I complete the list, I'll link it here so you can read my reasons. Steve Miller - 1, Posted by Classic Rock on Tuesday, 12.22.15 @ 17:32pm. Yes I'm not a RAWKist, but if I obey the asterisk, I'd probably say Percy Sledge. It makes sense. * John Lennon down to 2 (level with solo Macca and Harrison) LEVEL FOUR ? …And I agree, Posted by Roy on Thursday, 07.28.16 @ 22:10pm. If that was your point, it wasn't well made previously; but was overall well stated in this latest response. Aside from that, I don't recall claiming that my shit doesn't stink; that would be very much unlike me. "What's So Good About Goodbye" – Giant Sunflower, The Temptations, Quix*O*Tic The Book of Basketball by Bill Simmons should be considered the bible for basketball fans everywhere, and its crown jewel is The Pyramid, Simmons's idea for a new basketball Hall of Fame and his ranking of the 96 best players in basketball history. Not many changes to make. 's Bill G., be careful with such statements as "without X, Y would never have happened." Posted by Zach on Thursday, 11.27.14 @ 23:32pm. (I would not even rate Run DMC higher than Afrika Bambaataa who isn't even in the R&RHF)? The Small Faces/The Faces N.W.A Prince 14. As for the 2016 inductees, Deep Purple at Level 2, all the others at Level 1. In the case of Led Zeppelin, their obvious plagiarism warrants a legitimate demoting from "level 5" to "level 4" at the very least. Posted by Bill G. on Friday, 04.6.12 @ 02:34am. Is there any way we can realign the pyramid with the artist rankings we did over the course of last year? The 2017 and 2018 inductees are not in the pyramid yet! Well, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum in Cleveland is already shaped like a pyramid2, so it was only natural to take Simmons' baseball idea and apply it to rock and roll. 2. Clyde McPhatter "Got A Job" – The Marcels Simmons' Pyramid consists of five levels. Bird also had three League MVPs and two Finals MVPs. Young Frankenstein The Spinners Most influential besides Beatles, Elvis and Chuck: "Choosey Beggar" – Chazz Dixon, Debby Boone. Everything I said still stands anyway. Posted by Follower on Wednesday, 01.2.19 @ 04:20am. I would move Miles Davis and maybe John Mellencamp up to Level 2 and Dion down to Level 1, move Guns N' Roses up to 3, move John Lennon and Fats Domino down to 3, move The Doors and Black Sabbath up to 4 (I can't believe they are lower than CCR, who I don't mind being in 4), and possibly R.E.M. Favorites: The Beatles, Elton John, Queen, CSN, Linda Ronstadt, Cat Stevens, The Beach Boys, Ruth Brown, Joni Mitchell. move to 3: Tahvo, that was pretty funny. "(Come 'Round Here) I'm The One You Need " – The Jackson 5, The Cowsills, The GP's How you ranked them (along with a couple others there) higher than Megadeth I'll never understand. https://www.cleveland.com/entertainment/2019/04/ranking-every-rock-and-roll-hall-of-fame-inductee-by-tiers.html 2000 Billie Holiday Smokey was NEVER a member of The Temptations...much less having lead vocals for them.He never did. I'm coming up with a questionnaire/survey on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's inductees. report. The 'Seasons Played" marker ("+") does not have any points associated with it, but provides a way to monitor the seasons where a player was active. One redeeming factor is that the Pretenders, a first ballot inductee, are on the bottom tier. There would have been NO MOTOWN without THEM. All I ask is that you don't put Bon Jovi or Journey in last place. Posted by GFW on Wednesday, 04.4.12 @ 07:08am. And I'd love to invent a 0 just for Def Leppard. Righteous Brothers: Influenced Hall & Oates, Laura Nyro, and Paul Simon. At Walton's peak you could make an argument for him being in the Pantheon. Dire Straits Music is intellectual property, and stealing that intellectual property is theft, just like stealing any other type of property from someone else. I'm working on a list of my least favorite artists and will include commentary for each choice. -Philip They are also the MOST-COVERED Motown act of all time...and have the MOST Grammy Hall of Fame-inducted songs of ANY Motown group...and have the MOST SONGS on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's list of "The 500 Songs That Shaped Rock and Roll". Yes - 2 (they could be a 1 too but I like them a lot and they are one of the definitive progressive rock bands so I upped them to a 2) Did they have transcendent songs and albums or memorable moments? Posted by Philip on Monday, 09.24.18 @ 10:50am. Someone should write a book on Led Zeppelin's plagiarism! They both were a lot closer to the rock world than Ray Charles was during the bulk of their careers. The Moody Blues- 5 Thanks, SHREK, for your bullshit opinion. Joan Baez (and yes, I'd still put her in the bottom rung, though she'd be closer to the top of that bottom rung) Most unworthy inductee: Percy Sledge, Prince, Madonna, Randy Newman, Laura Nyro. "Bill G., (including Chicago) Posted by Enigmaticus on Thursday, 10.23.14 @ 09:09am. It would appear that Kobe is now in the Pantheon. 7. A total disaster. I don't think either of them have been as influential, but obviously that's my biggest criteria. Nobody is. "You're So Fine and Sweet" - The Undertakers. Posted by Bill G on Sunday, 07.28.19 @ 00:36am, Since the lower rungs no longer reflect multiples of 12, a couple more artists should move up to that top rung and give us even multiples of 13, 14, or 15, whatever it would be up to by now. (Believe me, people I've talked to actually think that!) Wow. "Swept For You Baby" – The Sylvers, The Blenders, The Tamlins (as Sweat For You Baby). During a time period when Nirvana were pretty much single handedly destroying the metal scene, and metal kids were becoming grunge kids, they released the most iconic metal tune of all time, in an album that sold around 30 million copies. Favorite induction year?

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