Especially if they are bringing a gaffed fish over the rail. Another one of its best features is also the on/off bait clicker for easier use. Another thing worth mentioning is its tip-over-butt Ferrule connection for better strength. We'll talk about the spread in another section which will also help eliminate tangled lines when turning while you are trolling. With its E-glass blank construction, the rod sports supreme durability and ease of use. There’s more letters to that, but it turns 6.2:1 gears at around 42 inches per turn. Again, variety is the key to success! All rights reserved. 1.1 1) Fiblink 1-Piece Heavy Trolling Rod (5-Feet, 6-Inch) 1.2 2) OKUMA Classic Pro GLT; 1.3 3) Ugly Stik Walleye Round Combo (7′ 6″ Medium Light) 1.4 4) Fiblink Saltwater Offshore Trolling Rod (5-Feet, 1-inch) 1.5 5) Okuma Great Lakes Trolling Rod & Reel … The pole also has EVA handle for better durability and sensitivity. Sometimes you will find them holding under a pallet or a weed line out in the open ocean, but always near structure. high speed means to me over 40 inches of retrieve per crank. The combination provides smooth operation and overall ease of use. Their rods are made in the US, and they have a great track record of quality. Wahoo, being the apex predator that they are, are always on the move so you will want to cover a lot of ground. Are you just fishing for wahoo? Your high speed trolling weights will vary in size depending on where they are placed in the spread. So here are a few great options to get you started. Why? A straight one usually works for all kinds of trolling while a bent butt is best for boat trolling. Also be sure to grab a few rod safety leashes to make sure a vicious runoff does not lead to your new bent butt rod going for a ride in the drink. But curiosity sometimes gets the better of us. What you want is the contrast. If you have a 6 rod spread, thats 5 lines you may have to move if someone hooks a Wahoo. So keep this advice… at your fingertips. The best time to fish for Wahoo is based on the tides. We do it old school, 50w Tiagra with 80 lb monel (not plain stainless) wire, with braid or dacron backing. As he mentioned in the video you can use treble hooks for your trailing hooks. Pro Tip: A good habit to get into is to secure your reel with a safety line. Many anglers enjoy trolling due to the challenge since it takes lots of practice to master it. Three rods is more than enough in my opinion. You need a heavier Trolling lead with these lighter lures. If you want to be able to use your reel for various species of fish without having to change the line, then mono is a great option. Braided line has come a long way over the years and is getting more and more popular among anglers. We can all agree that trolling is among the most fun types of fishing. if you can eliminate tackle failure, it's just a matter of improving your skill to be a Wahoo Fishing Machine! Challenger Bank and Argus Bank are two of top areas near the Bermuda Islands that produce large numbers of large Wahoo averaging above 60 lbs! Lastly, wahoo teeth are sharp. Spawning occurs in the West-Central Atlantic in areas near the Caribbean Sea and Florida. A Bonnier Corporation Company. Some go as many as 6 rods. Although, larger females have been reported to live up to 9 years. Men's Health participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. Wahoo fish tacos are some of the best fish tacos around!

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